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The Tech MindMeld Series

Leading experts from diverse industries and disciplines share insights around emerging tech topics in a setting designed to foster conversation and enable attendees to create meaningful connections.

Featured Event

Tech MindMeld: Holiday Networking
December 20th

Join DeveloperTown for an evening of networking and conversation. Meet industry colleagues from a variety of backgrounds, and spend time chatting about topics of interest while you sample hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

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Past Events:



  • What is IoT
  • Types of IoT connectivity
  • Types of communication channels
  • Different data types in IoT

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UX Moments

Learn how to:

  • Deconstruct the customer journey
  • Understand the 4 types of moments
  • Identify the important moments
  • Leverage moments to influence behavior

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Learn how to:

  • Increase developer productivity
  • Decrease deployment risk
  • Improve QA and Test Environments
  • Improve security and audit profiles

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