Your idea can change the world.

And our team can help you do it.

Most people start something once. Here at DeveloperTown, helping people start something is our livelihood.

We’re a team committed to the design, development, and marketing of new web and mobile products. Taking an idea, doing the work it takes to launch, and changing the lives of those who need the products we help create.

Since 2010, with the skill of your local craftsman and the drive of an entrepreneur, we've focused our efforts on creating the fastest, least risky way to build new products.

The first time you walk into our space, you’ll realize the way we work is one of the many things that set us apart from other agencies. We are located in a giant refurbished warehouse directly off the Monon Trail in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Each team member has their own house on wheels, which we rearrange in the warehouse based on the projects we’re working on. This puts project teams near each other while allowing each of us to shut our doors when we need to focus.

We’re here to advise you, design for you, code your product, and give you measurable creative ideas so your product has the highest chance of survival.

Meet the Team.

  • Michael Cloran

    Michael Cloran

    Managing Partner

  • Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly

    Managing Partner

  • Randy Fisher

    Randy Fisher

    Managing Partner of Design

  • Jason Vasquez

    Jason Vasquez

    Managing Partner of Development

  • Mike Bryan

    Mike Bryan

    Business Development

  • Julie Desutter

    Julie Desutter

    Engagement Manager

  • Caleb Anderson

    Caleb Anderson


  • Alex Billingsley

    Alex Billingsley


  • Mitch Briggs

    Mitch Briggs

    Digital Marketing Lead

  • Jen Burk

    Jen Burk

    Business Development

  • James Bush

    James Bush


  • Nate Canada

    Nate Canada

    Engagement Manager

  • Jacob Cloran

    Jacob Cloran

    Growth Consultant

  • Zac Darnell

    Zac Darnell

    Engagement Manager

  • Brandon DeBord

    Brandon DeBord

    Test Engineer

  • Steve Ernstberger

    Steve Ernstberger


  • Tyler Harrison

    Tyler Harrison

    Engagement Manager

  • George Harwood

    George Harwood


  • Heath Hauflaire

    Heath Hauflaire


  • Barb Henn

    Barb Henn

    Building Manager

  • Darye Henry

    Darye Henry


  • Sena Hineline

    Sena Hineline

    Senior Marketing Strategist

  • Kat Howenstein

    Kat Howenstein

    Engagement Manager

  • Garrett Johnson

    Garrett Johnson


  • Nick Kiser

    Nick Kiser


  • Marc Labranche

    Marc Labranche


  • Josh Littlejohn

    Josh Littlejohn


  • Dawn Lively

    Dawn Lively

    Director of Culture & Talent

  • Connor Love

    Connor Love

    Growth Consultant

  • Lauren Ludwig

    Lauren Ludwig


  • Jon Nolen

    Jon Nolen

    Mobile Lead Developer

  • Jeremy Page

    Jeremy Page

    Marketing Strategist

  • Jeff Pope

    Jeff Pope

    Partner & Creative Director

  • Kenneth Rankin

    Kenneth Rankin


  • Chris Rihm

    Chris Rihm

    Business Development

  • Matt Robinson

    Matt Robinson

    Engagement Manager

  • Derek Rudd

    Derek Rudd


  • Justin Shankle

    Justin Shankle

    Engagement Manager

  • Daryn Shapurji

    Daryn Shapurji


  • Lisa Sangiorgio

    Lisa Sangiorgio


  • Preston Sego

    Preston Sego


  • Kim Tasch

    Kim Tasch

    Business Development

  • Jacob Van Brunt

    Jacob Van Brunt


  • Nick Wangler

    Nick Wangler

    Director of Marketing Strategies

  • Devin Wieland

    Devin Wieland


  • Ryan Wiesjahn

    Ryan Wiesjahn


  • Branden Wilson

    Branden Wilson


  • Chris Wingate

    Chris Wingate


  • Adam Yale

    Adam Yale


  • Michael Young

    Michael Young

    Growth Consultant


  • David Dalton

    David Dalton

    Engagement Manager

  • Kalob Porter

    Kalob Porter