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North American Airline

91% voluntary app adoption amongst 4,000 employees.

Efficiently operating more than 1,500 flights a day across the country demands that crew members have fast access to crucial information. An airline faced the challenge of unlocking this information from legacy software and making it available to their 4,000 pilots and flight attendants on the go—all while adhering to strict regulatory standards.

Quality Assurance Firm

Using mobile technology to work better, smarter, & faster.

When you’ve completed over 60,000 quality assurance projects, you know a thing or two about efficiency. Staying cutting edge can be difficult when quality is the top priority. With an overbooked IT team and the need to create mobile quality assurance tools, one of the largest global quality assurance firms in the world came to us for help.

Car Auction Management Company

60% time saved by managers with one mobile feature.

An auctions services company interacting with thousands of vehicles and owners nation-wide, needed a means of streamlining their various on-lot processes and procedures.


Standardized data collection & reporting reduced errors, and cut waste.

Turn on your sink. Fill up your glass. Take a drink. Sounds simple, right? For you, it is, thanks to all of the people who make sure water meets a variety of government and safety regulations. Waterly helps these people standardize their datasets and reporting, helping to reduce dangerous errors.

Car Auction Services

Streamlined data management.

Facilitating the sales of over 4 million vehicles across 237 physical locations requires extreme efficiency and accuracy. A leading provider of whole car auction services in North America, faced the challenge of doing just that. Relying on manual methods of reporting and tracking risked the success of their business.

Functional Foods Company

100% sales growth month over month.

How do you successfully launch a product in an industry where you have zero products or customers? One of the nation’s most successful wholesale suppliers of ingredients for the foods and drinks you buy every day wanted to bring a product directly to consumers in the endurance athlete space. With 10 years of research behind their product, we knew we needed to achieve traction quickly.

Other success stories


Planting the seeds for a new generation of efficient farming.

Over the past 75 years, family-owned farming company Beck’s Hybrids has built their legacy creating high-quality seeds to help farmers improve their crop yields. As a key player in the farming industry, they’ve been around to see modern day farming evolve from simply planting a seed and watching it grow, to a complex study of data.


Helping doctors save lives on the fly.

Medical professionals don’t have a one-stop shop to access important patient records or communication with each other. They can’t text each other about patients (it’s illegal), and they can only access important information sitting at a computer. Since doctors are unable to work on the fly, it costs time, money, and sometimes lives.

Standard Register

Allowing brands to make connections with each other as well as their customers.

What’s the model number of your refrigerator? Your HVAC? Don’t worry, we didn’t know ours either. The only time we search for this sort of thing is in the middle of a crisis. Standard Register decided there needs to be a simple spot for consumers to track the products they own, and communicate with brands.

T2 Systems

From heavy, expensive equipment to a great mobile app.

T2 Systems is a technology-focused parking system provider with deep roots in the evolving parking industry. T2 Systems noticed problems for parking attendants in the current set up of off-site work. Heavy equipment units that employees had to pick up and drop off at beginning and end of their shift could be avoided by creating an intuitive mobile app.


Matching the right students with the right employers.

Right now, students are connecting with employers by blindly sending cover letters and resumes. Students often have trouble figuring out how to apply for jobs, let alone applying for the right job. Employers feel like they are taking a risk hiring students fresh out of college…when everything they know about them is on a one paged document. Why isn’t there an easier way?


Commerce on the go, with deep existing integrations.

WebLink saw a problem. When associations and chambers of commerce hosted events, the check-in process was time-consuming and painful for attendees. The industry was begging for an easy-to-use digital solution that would prevent event staff from hours of paperwork and data entry. Weblink came to DeveloperTown with and idea, and a tight deadline.