Material Design 2.0 Kit

Hand Crafted Vector Sketch File

Material Design 2.0 Kit for Sketch

Earlier this month Google updated Material Design and released Material Theming, a new tool for developers that aims to help them customize apps faster.

Google has applied Material Theming to some of its brands including Gmail, Google Play, and Google News. This new tool works via a plugin for Sketch, allowing designers to adjust many interface components such as buttons, shapes, and color among others. You can download the Material Theme Editor Sketch plugin here:


In addition to this new this tool, Material Design consists of updated text fields, an extended version of FAB as the primary button, and effective UI density guidelines. In light of these updates, we created a UI Material Design kit to help designers apply these new techniques.

What's in the Kit?

This kit is comprised of 11 handcrafted vector desktop screens from Material Gallery, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google News, and Google Play. You can also find updated Material Design components like buttons, chips, dialogue boxes, text fields, a typography scale, linear progress indicators, image grid layouts, icons, and more.

UI Kit Requirements

You'll need Sketch 50 and Google's Android System font, Roboto. You can download Roboto here.

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Published June 5th, 2018 by:
  • Adam Yale

  • Heath Hauflaire