DeveloperTown has been one of the best investments Weblink has made in the past 10 years; it has helped us accelerate our product development efforts by helping to build a world-class development team.

DJ Muller, Founder and CEO at WebLink

The Challenge.

WebLink, a leader in membership and organizational management solutions, saw a problem. When associations and chambers of commerce hosted events, the check-in process was time-consuming and painful for attendees. The industry was begging for an easy-to-use digital solution that would prevent event staff from hours of paperwork and data entry. During events, the staff had to flip through a huge book of names to get people checked in, or register newcomers by filling out pages of paperwork. It was a long, discouraging process that directly hindered the experience of event staff and attendees.

The Idea.

Weblink came to DeveloperTown with and idea, and a tight deadline. They wanted to create an iPad app that allowed organizations to conduct mobile commerce by accepting credit card payments for new memberships, current member invoices, and event registrations away from the office. The app would include the ability to swipe credit cards through an attached credit card reader and process the transactions through the client’s existing credit card gateway in WebLink Connect. That means the app we created had to integrate fully with the existing WebLink Connect membership management system.

The Process.

Coordination and collaboration between WebLink’s internal development team and our team was key. Speed to market is critical because competition moves so fast. Because of this, we were developing the app as WebLink’s developers were writing the API’s needed. Our team of developers were in constant contact with the developers at WebLink to make sure they got exactly what they needed. We turned this project out in record time, and the results were incredible.

The Result.

WebLink has a 94% retention rate, and is known for taking care of their customers. They were impressed and incredibly happy with the iPad app we provided. As WebLink CEO DJ Muller indicates above, the app truly made a difference in the entire process of holding events—for both event staff and attendees.