Turn on your sink. Fill up your glass. Take a drink. Sounds simple, right? For you, it is, thanks to all of the people who make sure water meets a variety of government and safety regulations. The systems, processes, tracking, and reporting that is required to ensure the safety of drinking water is complicated. There is no standard data collection and aggregation method, nor is there an exact formula for submitting the information to the EPA, which puts water treatment plants unknowingly in danger of non-compliance.


Water system managers spend hours measuring water, tracking data, and creating complex reports to verify that water is safe and ready to go. But these workers are taking notes on paper, filling out an Excel sheet at the office, and manually creating reports- often resulting in error, frustration, and wasted time. Tim Foerster from BWCSI, a water/wastewater consulting firm out of Illinois, explains:

The team at BWCSI knew there had to be a better, faster, more accurate way to track and report information for water system operators. So they decided to build it. Initially, they created a solution designed in-house, but as the application proved its value, more and more of their customers wanted to use it. This was great for BWCSI, because it proved they had created something the market needed and would pay for. Unfortunately, keeping the software up to date in-house quickly became overwhelming. Listen to Tim describe when he knew it was time get some outside help:


DeveloperTown and BWCSI worked together to architect an application from the ground up. We created a mobile-friendly application with a better user experience, the ability to quickly generate reports, and keep information accurate and secure.

Partner and Senior Designer at DeveloperTown, Daryn Shapurji talks about how BWCSI and DT focused on user-centered research to build an MVP:


DeveloperTown and BWCSI forged an incredible partnership to create an MVP that is vetted from product strategy to UI and UX. Here’s Tim describing how DeveloperTown provided unmatched value to their business:

With a thought-out product strategy, a tested MVP, and a beautiful design, DT is now heads down on developing the first iteration of the new Waterly app. Starting in Illinois, Waterly plans to flesh out the application, then roll it out nationally- giving all water system operators a better way to track and report their data.