Standard Register

As the needs of our project changed DeveloperTown was willing to rapidly adapt. The entire organization demonstrates a true collaborative culture that includes a healthy willingness to challenge ideas to ensure the best outcomes.

John Harden, Global Director Standard Register

The Challenge.

What’s the model number of your refrigerator? How about your lawn mower? HVAC? Don’t worry, we didn’t know ours either, but we’ve all had a question about the products we own at one time or another. What’s worse, the only time we search for this sort of thing is in the middle of a crisis, inevitably leading us down a long path of sad blue links. Standard Register, a multimillion-dollar communications company, decided there needs to be a simple spot for consumers to track the products they own, and communicate with brands. With Standard Register’s experience, they know this to be true. And so, they created an app called BrandSphere.

The Idea.

The idea behind BrandSphere is to benefit both the customer and the brands by providing them with data. Data that they both actually want. For customers in moments of need, they can access everything about a product in one place. No digging through the rough waters of the internet…where things aren’t always true. For brands, they can gather helpful information about their customers that will improve their products and marketing strategies.

The Process.

Standard Register came to DeveloperTown for help. We started by absorbing all the information about their original ideas. We made suggestions, designed wireframes, and began testing to see what was working. After we came up with a plan of action, we created the app using clean code and expert design. We thrive on creating code that will last through many changes, making it easy to add features. One of our favorite features we added was a custom scanning tool. The idea is, when a consumer uses the app, they can scan the UPC code and populate BrandSphere automatically with their products.

The Results.

BrandSphere makes customer’s lives easier. And brand's lives better. When brands sign on to be affiliated with BrandSphere, they will have access to some incredible analytics. We can compare user data and create parallels between products that wouldn’t normally be paralleled together. Allowing brands to make connections with each other as well as their customers.