Quality Assurance Firm


When you’ve completed over 60,000 quality assurance projects, you know a thing or two about efficiency. But staying cutting edge and utilizing the latest technology can be difficult when quality is the top priority. With an overbooked IT team and the need to create mobile quality assurance tools, one of the largest global quality assurance firms in the world came to us for help.


How can mobile technology help quality assurance experts work better, smarter, and faster?

Supervisors are the backbone of world-class quality assurance firms. So when this global quality assurance leader came to us seeking innovative ways to make their supervisors lives easier and more effective, we jumped at the opportunity.

They knew that their suite of tools for managing projects were out of date. But when your business is built on stability and routine, how do you transition to new technology?

We started by visiting project facilities and walking through a day in the life of a supervisor. We then examined their existing tools and processes to fully understand a supervisor’s pain points. As we learned more about the business and the challenges facing their supervisors, we discovered critical areas where an improvement to their daily tools would result in significant increases in efficiency.

Because their supervisors work in various locations, with an ever-changing workforce, challenging work environments and diverse project types, they needed their tools to be reliable, efficient, and easy to use.


Manage all aspects of multiple projects within one app.

Working closely with the client, we created an Android application that helps project supervisors perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively. We leaned on the institutional knowledge of the supervisors, while bringing a forward-thinking design approach, leading to a user experience focused on simplicity and efficiency.
Doing so required balancing potential complications such as connectivity, diverse project types, an ever-evolving workforce, device storage accommodations, and more.

The resulting application allows a supervisor to successfully manage their projects on multiple work sites, the many employees working on those projects, as well as their time and mileage, and even reporting various data to stay up-to-date and up-to-code. Being able to make adjustments to work instructions through the application was one of the many tools that helped bring even higher quality to the products they were producing and improve the efficiency of their processes immensely. The ability to do this all from their Android device took their use of existing tools and processes to a whole other level.


The app has not only lead to significant efficiency improvements, but in increased sales as well. The company has been able to leverage this custom application as an advantage when pitching to prospects.