Functional Foods Company


How do you successfully launch a product in an industry where you have zero products or customers? One of the nation’s most successful wholesale suppliers of ingredients for the foods and drinks you buy every day wanted to bring a product directly to consumers in the endurance athlete space. With 10 years of research behind their product, we knew we needed to achieve traction quickly.


How do you launch a new product with traction?

The supplement industry is notoriously competitive. Companies compete to offer customers enhanced performance with the best ingredients and capture their audience’s attention.

With ten years of research into a newly discovered phytonutrient, this established, yet not widely known, company, wanted to bring their first product directly to consumers. A fully branded launch would not only take time working from the ground up, but with no tests in the consumer market, it could be an expensive lesson should consumers not be interested in the product. How do you test the market while gathering feedback and including future customers in the branding decisions?


Start building your audience long before you start selling. You can launch new products with an existing customer base.

We challenged the assumption that you need a branded product before acquiring customers. What we proved is that branding mattered less than education about the key and proprietary ingredient and it’s effects. We delayed big launches and affiliating with large sponsorship, and proposed first to begin with small digital campaigns and create processes for turning customers into fans and fans into endorsers of the product. Through this we would grow a base of invested customers who would later give momentum to a branded launch. We did not change their product, only how it launched.


100% sales growth month over month.

  • Acquired more than 200 paying customers during a 5 month pre-launch period, and are achieving 100% sales growth month over month.
  • Used insights discovered during pre-launch testing to inform ongoing marketing efforts reducing marketing churn and allowing us to launch with customers.
  • Identified 16 repeatable marketing paths that (by themselves) are projected to bring in more than $420,000 in revenue year 1 based on months of successful sales tests.
  • Utilized our Marketing Paths framework to identify, test, and optimize marketing campaigns.