Car Auction Services


Facilitating the sales of over 4 million vehicles across 237 physical locations requires extreme efficiency and accuracy. A leading provider of whole car auction services in North America, faced the challenge of doing just that. Relying on manual methods of reporting and tracking risked the success of their business.


How do you improve asset and process tracking for car auction operations?

Vehicle auctions are time and deadline based and rely on accurate inventory information. The vehicle for sale must be in the right place at the right time with all necessary service work completed. When DeveloperTown started working with this client most records were kept on paper, which led to cumbersome and complex processes. The inefficiencies created by these processes coupled with managing remote and contract workforces further highlighted the need to ensure process adherence, consistency, and quality.

The client knew that changes would need to be made to update record keeping methods, create a solution for real time vehicle tracking at auction lots, and provide the means of facilitating accountability between management and auction staff. Successfully building and implementing these changes would be instrumental in supporting their continued success in the vehicle auction space. They needed an expert in creating software solutions to business problems and looked to DeveloperTown to provide that expertise.

DeveloperTown worked to clearly define their objectives, and created a roadmap focused on building solutions that would integrate with and streamline existing processes.


The right technology can streamline manual processes and win big for your business.

In order to solve the client’s issues, DeveloperTown knew we needed to first understand their business. We spent time going to auctions as well as meeting and gathering insight from the leadership team, auction workers, and IT department. By understanding how potential solutions impacted multiple areas of their business, we were able to deliver value quickly and mitigate potential risks down the road.

Through this collaborative process, we were able to identify goals, define solutions, and build a suite of web and mobile applications to drive those solutions. These included; replacing the paper process of data management with a digital solution, implementing GPS pinning service which allows for the real time tracking of vehicles at auction lots, and improving the insight and accountability between employees and supervisors.

DeveloperTown created an iOS application that allowed the client, which had been dependent on manual, paper communication, to move into the digital space. This application allows them to see where their vehicles are in real time and harnesses the power of analytics to view opportunities for process optimization.


The app has been used to streamline data management, improve vehicle tracking, and decrease significant overhead time spent on inventory management activities.