Car Auction Management Company


An auctions services and management company interacting with thousands of vehicles and their owners at large vehicle auction lots nation-wide, needed a means of streamlining their various on-lot processes and procedures. The existing software and processes were not as efficient or user focused as they should be. These inefficiencies were impacting processing times and sales potential.


Help design software solutions that modernize and improve legacy software processes used by auction employees.

Vehicle auctions have a lot of offerings and services involved in a vehicle’s “life cycle” on the lot (stocking in, inspections, repairs, sale cycle, payments, vehicle title work, etc). Keeping track of these details for a single or multiple vehicles can be a challenge as a vehicle is constantly (physically and digitally) moving around the vehicle lot.

The existing software (built in the early 90’s) was not living up to the growing needs of the auction lot employees. The client came to us to better understand what the employees truly wanted and design user focused solutions around those needs and frustrations.

By visiting auction lots and listening to different employees discuss their daily work tasks and frustrations, the team got a better understanding of what we needed to do to improve the current system. We discovered that there are a variety of specific lot and individual employee preferences/opinions on how to complete jobs efficiently and effectively. Many of the lots and employees view their way as the “best” way of completing daily tasks. One of the biggest challenges was figuring out when should we be flexible for individual lots or employees and when should we make high level decisions to apply across the board.


Design a suite of iOS mobile applications as well as a web based product.

The mobile solution focuses on the auction employees outside the office who are physically moving around the lot. We designed features which included:

  • Taking payments for vehicle purchases
  • Updating offers on vehicles
  • Registering a vehicle into the auction system inventory
  • Viewing vehicle details and notices
  • Print vehicle stickers (Stock & Sale)

The web solution aims to eventually replace the entirety of the legacy software, but has immediate focus on improving the office management services. In addition to laying down the foundation for the overall architecture, site flow, and visual design, we designed features which include profile views for vehicles, customers, and representatives.


One mobile feature alone helped cut 60% of the time it took to complete sale and vehicle registration.

Mobile application was soft launched with adoption and success. Web design has moved into the development and testing phase.