You can't improve what you can't measure

Analytics for Mobile Apps, Websites and Web Apps

Who are my most engaged users? What features are being used the most? Where are users getting frustrated? Questions like these can go on forever when it comes to digital products.
Getting answers can take even longer without the proper analytics strategy,
tracking, and reporting in place to gain insights.

Our team of analytics experts works closely with our developers and designers to create a digital product that is optimized for measuring engagement. With the right tracking, reporting and analysis in place from the very start, we can use that knowledge to understand what features and improvements need to come next.

We then shift focus to the marketing side of your product to learn about how people are discovering your product, what marketing activities are delivering ROI, and what new channels and campaigns should be conducted to improve your user numbers.

Whether it's tracking usage of a native app or reporting on traffic to a website or web app, we excel using the right mix of these analytics platforms:

Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Google Adwords

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Functional Foods Company

We helped a functional foods company achieve 100% sales growth month over month.

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Analytics is about more than just
data — it's about insight

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