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The Real Prestige of UX

03 Dec 2014, Posted by Randy Fisher in Blog

Magical, not magic Don’t let the title fool you, I’m not saying that as UX designers we should ever resort to trickery or deceit in order to design a great user experience. I am certainly not suggesting that we make things disappear unexpectedly or create…

TownTalk – Episode 6

21 Nov 2014, Posted by DeveloperTown in Blog

This episode of TownTalk features the wonderful Laura Dodds and Maggie Cline from the Techpoint Foundation for Youth. Tune in to hear all about how Indianapolis is leading the way on increasing STEM mentorships, how Nate can be bribed during a robotics competition, and Maggie…

TownTalk – Episode 5

13 Nov 2014, Posted by Josh Littlejohn in Blog

Episode 5 of TownTalk features Ryan Flynn, co-founder of Indianapolis-based start up Localstake. Listen in to hear how about the shitstorm happening in Ryan’s kitchen, the benefits of having multiple co-founders, and what he would save if his house was on fire. Tune in to…

TownTalk – Episode 4

06 Nov 2014, Posted by Josh Littlejohn in Blog

Episode 4 of TownTalk features Daniel Fahrner, Director of Marketing, and Jeb Banner, CEO, of Smallbox – a culture powered marketing firm in Indianapolis. Listen in to hear how Smallbox decided what their core values were, why musicians make excellent employees, and what Daniel’s CB…

TownTalk – Episode 3

02 Oct 2014, Posted by DeveloperTown in Blog

Third time’s a charm Episode 3 of TownTalk brings guest Matt Hunckler, founder of Verge Startups, on the show to talk about his TEDx talk, the magic of a great pitch, and lessons he learned while working remotely in the Philippines. Listen in to hear…

TownTalk – Episode 2

26 Sep 2014, Posted by DeveloperTown in Blog

The Townies are back at it again. This week’s podcast features special guest Brian Deyo, former Engagement Manager at DeveloperTown, and current Product Owner at BlueBridge Digital. Daryn and Nate talk with Brian about wearable tech, how technology is bringing us closer together, and the…

TownTalk Podcast – Episode 1

04 Sep 2014, Posted by DeveloperTown in Blog

The wait is finally over! DeveloperTown is excited to announce the launch of TownTalk, a podcast dedicated to all things software & startups…with a few shenanigans along the way. Produced by Jason Shonk, the podcast will feature the talents of co-hosts Nate Canada and Daryn…

New Ink Acquisition

28 Aug 2014, Posted by DeveloperTown in Blog

We care deeply about the entrepreneurs and businesses who see opportunities for digital products and have the vision to act on them. Today, we’re taking a huge step to better serve these people.   We’re thrilled to announce we’ve acquired local creative agency New Ink….

Why the RFP Process Doesn’t Work

23 Jul 2014, Posted by Michael Kelly in Blog

At DeveloperTown we’ve built a fairly comprehensive design process that we use to kick off most of our client engagements. When I look back at our kickoff design process when we launched in 2010 to where we’ve matured today, I’m taken aback by how good…

FIRSTEP Robotics Summer Camp

10 Apr 2014, Posted by Lisa Sangiorgio in Blog

  In a few months, FIRSTEP Summer Camp will be at DT! “Robot Camp”, as us townies like to refer to it, was first introduced in the summer of 2007 with the hope of extending knowledge to younger students to get them excited about the…

DT Design Team

26 Mar 2014, Posted by Lisa Sangiorgio in Blog

At DeveloperTown, we take pride in our talented and experienced design team. We have designers from all walks of life with many different backgrounds in design.  We have UX Designers, Web Designers, iOS and Android Designers, and Designer/Developer hybrids. Some use Photoshop, others use Illlustrator,…

Finally, The Secret to Designing and Developing Great Software

03 Feb 2014, Posted by Randy Fisher in Blog

WHAT MAKES A FIRM UNIQUE? As a partner here at DeveloperTown, whenever people ask me “What makes your firm unique?” I instinctually gravitate towards our company culture and our physical environment – yes, we each have our own tricked-out house inside DeveloperTown: Then I can’t wait…

Our Brand Story: The Evolution of DeveloperTown

19 Dec 2013, Posted by Randy Fisher in Blog

On January 1, 2010, DeveloperTown launched with a hand-selected team assembled to deliver cloud-based software-as-a-service and mobile solutions. The core idea behind DeveloperTown was to create an environment where technology craftsmen would work together to help startup clients build and launch technology companies and products….