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WebLink International

WebLink, the leader in membership and organizational management solutions, recently launched an iPad app to allow associations to use the WebLink Connect system on the go.

  • 009   DeveloperTown Employees Helped
  • 001   Only iPad solution with a card reader
  • 99k   Members Managed

Piano in a Flash

Scott Houston is a 5 time Emmy Award Winner who has developed a unique self-paced online course that will allow you to learn to play piano, not in months or years, but in days and weeks!

  • 010   DeveloperTown Employees Helped
  • 005   Time Emmy Award Winner
  • 36K   Website Visits Since Launch


Chideo (charity+video) is a platform where fans and the celebrities they follow can directly connect for exclusive, online video content they can’t experience anywhere else – all while doing good.

  • 010   DeveloperTown Employees Helped
  • 048   Different Celebrities Participating
  • 30k   Miles Flown between Indy and LA

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“The feedback from the design review was excellent. I know you’ve all put sweat and equity into Chideo and you have my sincere thanks and appreciation.”

- Matt Smith -


How We Approach Working With You

Simply put, we become your team from idea to launch. We start with our New Venture Design process. This process helps us define a desirable product, understand the technical trade-offs we must consider, and to stay focused on the economic viability.

Then we take a short break. During this time we test prototypes with real users to prove out market acceptance. Simultaneously, this is the time Intrapreneurs use to build consensus internally and Entrepreneurs use to raise money to move forward.

Once we have market validation we assemble the appropriate team needed to launch the minimum viable product into the marketplace. Immediately upon launch we begin the process of refinement by fine-tuning the experience and layering-in new features.

At A Glance: The Process That Makes It All Happen

We ask tough questions all along the way. Our approach allows us to move quickly and get real user feedback incorporated into the process early and often. We uncover that magical user experience. Then together we build it, launch it and start refining it.


Let’s Define What We Are Building

What is Happening

  • Ideation
  • Sketching
  • Wireframe Prototype
  • Feedback
  • Backlog

Who is Involved

  • Business Strategist
  • UX Designer
  • Engagement Manager
  • Developer

How Long

Typically around 3 weeks

Why We Provide Value

Working with companies of all shapes and sizes, we have designed many user experiences across web and mobile…and we have gotten really good at it


Let’s Build It

What is Happening

  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Coding

Who is Involved

  • UX Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Engagement Manager
  • Developer

How Long

Depends on the scope of the minimum viable product and size of the team

Why We Provide Value

We use a proprietary technology stack we have groomed over years and build software as a service to reduce your risk and increase the speed at which you hit the market


Let’s Make It Better

What is Happening

  • Feedback
  • Design
  • Code

Who is Involved

  • Designer
  • Developer

How Long

Until you are ready for your own team to handle it

Why We Provide Value

We work with you to refine your product continuously and then find the optimal time to transition smoothly over to your own team

We’ve evolved by succeeding,

failing, learning and adapting…

We leverage all of our experience and experts to create a unique process tailored to launching your new venture.

…taking advantage of what we know increases your chance of success substantially.


have trouble validating new concepts in the marketplace quickly.

Design + Development

of launching new products presents many unique challenges.


need a team of experts they can trust who have done this before.

We have solved these challenges through

Experience + Expertise

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